COMING SOON Cyborg Muzzle RUBY (Silver)

COMING SOON Cyborg Muzzle RUBY (Silver)

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We are excited to present to you our new facial adornments we’ve been working on. This is the first fashion collaboration between Nikinga and RynoArmor, and we are pretty darn proud!

With the Cyborg Muzzles, we want you to feel your inner renegade and still be comfortable while wearing it. The straps are carefully designed to avoid any inference with your ears (so you can still hear perfectly, and wear plenty of earrings or earweights). The straps are easy to utilize, and can be adjusted with a number of metal snaps on top or bottom. Most importantly, you will be able to breath easily while enjoying the cyberpunk aesthetic.

All the materials we use are non toxic because we want you to stay healthy. All of our leather is sustainable goat leather, meaning that all the animal byproducts are used, and the goat is the least wasteful of all the leather producing animals. The metal we use is non-rusting and high grade, so don't worry about wearing these muzzles in the rain. The inner lining is made of a special printed Nikinga cotton canvas. All of the artisans involved in the process are paid fair wages that they decide.

These muzzles are not designed for medical grade protection, they are purely a fashion accessory, however, there is plenty of space to wear a N95 mask underneath.