White Brass °Omega Earweights°
White Brass °Omega Earweights°
White Brass °Omega Earweights°

White Brass °Omega Earweights°

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Ryno Armor brings you adornments from another time and space.

Otherworldly designs crafted with love and care intended to bring you closer to a futuristic utopia.

These pieces are unconventional and defiant to stereotypes. For the agile bounty hunters that are loyal to themselves.

In spite of its unearthly design this piece mulates perfectly into the earlobe with a size, weight and material that ensures total comfort.

*For sizes 19/32” gauge (15mm) and up.

*Weight: ranging from 30-50 gr a pair, depending on metal.

*The weight is evenly dispersed by keeping a round shape in the lobe therefor avoiding too much pressure on one isolated point.

*The backside has a rim to secure the jewelry in place.

*Available in white or gold brass, silver, gold and black gold.

*We avoid the use of nickel and other potentially harmful metals.

It's important for us to use only high grade biocompatible metals, avoiding any complications to the wearer and maintaining the health of the workers. In our search to find the right team to work with we decided to go to Bali. There the craftsmen and women are payed fair wages, and guarantee to bring you the best quality of jewelry backed up by generations of expertise. By purchasing this uniquely designed product you will create a more beautiful image of the future, and support sustaining an exceptional local craftsmanship.

You can also purchase these earweights one by one. Please contact us for inquiries. 

White Brass °Omega Earweights°