NiKiNGA is a project by Nikita Lofving started in Berlin. Nikinga fuses the dark ambience of metropolitan night life with futuristic avant-garde fashion in order to create genderless, industrial-inspired pieces from the recycled materials. From stunning gowns to jackets to accessories, Nikita’s creations look like they are pulled right out of a dystopian fantasy film. By paying great attention to detail and sown carefully with heavy-duty industrial sewing machines, it’s almost imperceivable that her work was crafted out of materials destined to be in landfills.

By synthesizing the knowledge of previous years, Nikita is taking her vision to a new level. She is designing high quality unique leather pieces for strong, utilitarian free spirits. These are handcrafted by master leather atisans in an exclusive fair trade atelier in Bali, using leather that comes from local producers who utilize the entire animal. Furthermore, she makes sure to avoid toxic materials, like rusting metal parts or processed leather from mass production. Her creations are made with the concern of the health to the workers, and the end-users who can enjoy wearing a unique limited edition garment. 

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